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What helps me worship God

10 August, 2017 — 6 Comments

At the theological college where I work (Carey Baptist College), each week on a Tuesday morning we have a chapel service for community worship, followed by lunch together. One of the things we’re unpacking this year is “what helps me worship God?” This week it was my turn to answer that question and I share it below.

My talk started by going through a whole lot of images and short video clips of things I have seen – with brief explanation. I have included the images below, scroll through them to get to the text, which I have adapted slightly. Continue Reading…

After the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/2011, the Baptist Union of New Zealand partnered together churches around the country to support churches in Canterbury.  At the church I’m part of we had five churches doing various things to help, such as regular prayer, sending teams of people for a weekend to help tidy up, or to run a Sunday church service to give pastoral staff a rest.  Cityside Baptist Church in Auckland is one of our supporting churches, and last Sunday I was at Cityside representing the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church as they presented to us something they do so well: art.

Calamity of Intrigue artwork by Cityside Baptist Church Continue Reading…